Ready to File Your Returns?

Follow these steps to file your tax returns:

  1. Complete the appropriate checklist.
  2. Gather all documentation requested on the checklist.
  3. All business clients: finalize your books (or contact us to do so).
  4. Send your completed checklists, Quickbooks (for business clients) and documentation by one of the following methods:
    • Use our new online secure file transfer system, (email to request simple 2 step instructions for setting up your
    • Email to
    • Fax to 503-280-1100.
    • Mail.
    • Or drop by M-F 9-5 (we also have a secure dropbox at our building available 24/7).
  5. Make payment for 1/2 your prior year invoice (for returning clients) or 1/2 your estimate (for new clients) as a retainer to be applied to your invoice.  Your invoice balance will be due in full when your returns are complete.  Payments can be made by check, cash or credit/debit card (we can take credit/debit card payments by phone).
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