QuickBooks Backup Instructions

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QuickBooks Backup Instructions

All Mac Versions of Quickbooks: send a backup for Windows file (.qbb).

PC Versions of Quickbooks 2007 and earlier: send a backup file (.qbb).

PC Versions of QuickBooks 2008-2011: send the Accountant’s Copy and we will send you back a file that will automatically import our adjustments. You can continue to work in your books while we are using the Accountant’s Copy.

How to send a Quickbooks Backup file (.qbb or .qbmb):

  1. In the File menu, choose Save Copy or Backup
  2. Choose Backup copy
  3. Choose Local Backup
  4. Browse to choose a location for your backup copy such as your desktop (or whever is easy for you to access if you are going to attach your .qbb file to an e-mail) or to a disk or flash drive if you will be bringing a copy to us physically. QuickBooks may warn you about saving backups on the same drive as your working copy, but this is only a temporary safety measure.
  5. Choose Save it now.

How to send the Quickbooks Accountant’s Copy:

  1. In the File menu, choose Accountant’s Copy and Send to Accountant.
  2. You’ll be asked to select a Dividing Date. Usually this would be the end of the month or the year. You can continue to work on transactions after the Dividing Date. If you’re not sure what date to choose, give us a call at 503-891-6659.
  3. Enter info@ataxpros.com in the accountant’s e-mail address and re-enter to verify that the email address is correct.
  4. Enter your name and e-mail address in the appropriate fields.
  5. Create a password and enter it in both fields. If you already use a password to open your QB file, then you can use it here – only if it is a strong password (at least seven characters, at least one number, and at least one uppercase).
  6. *Optional* If there is anything special that you’d like us to know, then you can enter your note in the box below.

How to import the Accountant’s Changes:

  1. Our Accountant’s Changes (.qby) file may arrive via email, CD, Zip disk or flash drive. Emailed files should be saved to your hard drive before importing.
  2. In the File menu, select Accountant’s Copy and Import Accountant’s Changes. Select the file we sent you and click Open.
  3. QuickBooks will display the adjustments we’ve made. (You can click on the “+” next to each entry to see the details.) Click on the Import button to begin.
  4. QuickBooks will tell you that “You must back up your data before importing Accountant Changes.” Click OK.
  5. Choose a folder on your hard drive or the “Desktop” for your backup copy. QuickBooks may warn you about saving backups on the same drive as your working copy, but this is only a temporary safety measure. Click Save.
  6. When QuickBooks tells you the backup was successful, click OK.
  7. QuickBooks will show you the list of adjustments again. (If you see any warnings — marked by a yellow triangle — contact us for help.) We suggest you print the list for your records.