Tax Prep Checklists and NetClient Portals

Follow these steps to file your tax returns:

  1. Complete the appropriate checklist or web organizer.
  2. Gather all documentation requested on the checklist.
  3. All business clients: finalize your books or contact us to finalize your books or for QuickBooks training.
  4. Send your completed checklists, QuickBooks (for business clients) and documentation by one of the following methods:
    • Use our NetClient CS portal for uploading electronic documents.
    • Email to
    • Fax to 503-280-1100.
    • Mail.
    • Or drop by M-F 9-5 (we also have a secure dropbox at our building available 24/7).
  5. Make payment for 1/2 your prior year invoice (for returning clients) or 1/2 your estimate (for new clients) as a retainer to be applied to your invoice. Your invoice balance will be due in full when your returns are complete. Payments can be made by check, cash or credit/debit card (we can take credit/debit card payments by phone).

Required to use our Fill in Forms:
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 WINDOWS: Click here for your free copy of Adobe Reader!